Thursday, October 2, 2008

Go into the World Shoeless.

Photo 1 - Day 1. This is Domenick, son 1 of 2 and child 2 of 3. After proposing this project I couldn't believe the stress I'd placed on myself to accomplish photos that were going to be profound and meaningful. And then I realized it was my project and it would look like what ever I wanted it to. Having said that I shot this photo because this is the way I start and finish each day. Family first and family last.

We're headed out the door to get Dom to the Metro for a class field trip in L.A. He's going to the Japanese American Museum. I like the fact Domenick is shoeless. Shoes are the last to go on and first to come off with Dom. It is very endearing to me.


Gina Dvorak said...

Only a few days in, and I'd say your project is off to a solid start...

Really liking this first photo. It initially grabbed me b/c of the lights and shadows, but the words you put with it — from the headline to the little description talking about your son and his shoe habits — really made this one photo into something special.

This got me thinking... I know you're doing this project to stir the photographer and editor parts of your brain, but I would note that you're stirring the journalist in you as well. The right words that provide the right context (beyond the simple 5W/H) can really deepen the value of a photo.

Seems like a no-brainer, that headlines and captions are important, eh? So maybe all that goes without saying...

Anyway... Very cool, Rick. And thanks for sharing your journey on this project. :-)

Sean said...

My first year here was Domenick's last year here. This picture strikes me because it is a picture of Domenick going somewhere. At science camp that first year, I took a picture of Domenick; he was going somewhere. In my mind and in pictures, Domenick is going somewhere. What a lovely thought to have about a terrific young man - he's going somewhere!

marc c. said...

this is one of my 2 favorite shots to date (10/11).

story telling, about subject and photographer. it has spontaneity of a moment, and i think that's more important than planning and exposure and all the stuff you should have perfected long ago anyway.

i like your project. thanks for sharing.

miss ya.

p.s. this is a perfect project for film, as the quality really varies on these photos. grain and color shifts are my 2 biggest qualms. but digi gives you the instant feedback and 'doneness' you need to learn on a daily then i ask, what's more important, the image or the learning?