Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just a Cup o' Joe

Day 26 - Photo 26. My family accused me of being grumpy as we sat down for breakfast at a local restaurant. I don't like that word. I prefer cranky, it has more character. I'd yet to have my first cup of coffee. I don't need much. Just one or two. The caffeine helps lift the morning fog. Sometimes I'll drink it black and sometimes not. This morning a needed a little cream to take the edge off the bitterness.
Inspired by my friend Aaron Ansarov's 1:1 photo project, I grabbed my macro (actually the AF Micro Nikon 60mm f/2.8) just to play around with it. I had not intended to use the lens for today's photo. But, as I looked at my steaming cup of coffee, I thought why not shoot the addiction. Perhaps this one time I could rule over it, instead of it rule over me. My family wanted to know if that was going to be "the photo" and after viewing the photo, each was intrigued with the capabilities of the lens. I told them about Aaron's project. And proceeded to shoot each of their eyes, in 1:1 ratio. It was amazing to watch their reaction as each of them, one by one, stared back into their own eye. We compared how mother and sons eyes looked alike. With the lens' short throw of focus, we laughed as I attempted to keep in focus my youngest's eye while he swayed back and forth trying desperately not to move. He'd just finished two and a half cups of hot chocolate and most of his crepes. Even the waitress stopped by to look at the photos.
As I "chimped" through the photos of my wife and son's eyes I finished off the last of my second cup of coffee. It was one of the best cups of coffee I've had in a long time.


Andrew Christopherson said...

If that is a grumpy morning you must be pretty amazing on a good day.

stan lim said...

I new you would not be able to resist the chimp!
I think I will go grab a cup of coffee now!

Rick said...

Chimping is gooood! Eric Reed and I had a long conversation. Can't wait to share it with you on Saturday.