Tuesday, October 7, 2008

When Do We Stop Running?

Day 7 - Photo 7. A Cross Country meet has always been a reminder that Autumn was here. Leaves falling from the trees. The smell of fireplaces being ignited and cool crisp afternoons. But, not on this day. Here in Southern California, these high school runners took on a three-mile dusty cross country course in 100 degree weather. The leader in this race finished with a time less than 15 minutes. The start of the race is an explosion of kinetic energy, jockeying for position and posturing for the lead. Probably a lot like lunch time on their campus. Then on to their office cubicles, running to meetings, appointments and...tomorrow I think I will run two miles and skip the morning meeting.


marc c. said...

your words are better than the image.

Rick said...

I agree, Eric and I have talked about this project and I've found myself a little to wrapped around the process and less involved with it's original intent. Thus, I've lightened up on myself and become less restrictive. Though I'm still trying to keep it down to that "decisive moment." One of my true photojournalist heros Henri Cartier-Bresson.