Sunday, November 9, 2008

Let it Carry you Away

Day 40 - Photo 40. When I heard the guitar playing, I thought it was coming from the nearby university. The sound from campus events and concerts often sound closer then they actually are. I saw the source of the music was actually coming from next door.

This is Daniel. Daniel, 17, lives down the street from us and comes to the neighbors home to walk their dogs. Today Daniel was playing the guitar. He barely noticed me as I stood and watched him play. He was transfixed, carried away by his own music. Daniel is soft spoken, sincere and polite, though seemingly, he is somewhat troubled by things beyond his 17 years. But today, Daniel was somewhere else, carried away by the music. It didn't seem to bother him as I hunkered down nearby and made a photo.

When he stopped playing I asked him if he was on a break from walking the dogs. "Well, actually I'm supposed to be doing homework. But, I told my mom I was going to walk the dogs." I told him I thought the tune sounded familiar. He told me he'd written it and somewhat disappointingly, he thought it sound familiar too. I told him the same thing happens in photography. "We just take the artists we like the best and take a little bit of their style as our own. Eventually the style we have, me as a photographer and you as a musician, that style is our own. And it's built on all the people whose work we admire. And I've always thought that's kind of cool." Daniel shook his head up and down and said, "Me too." He began to speak again, faltered for a moment and looked around as though he was going to tell me a secret. "I have this music in me, and I just had to...well...I had to get it out." And then, as if for proof...hit a chord on his guitar. "It's like a passion. You know? I guess I'll just tell my mom I took the dogs on an extra long walk."

I left him there, strumming his guitar and humming out a tune. And he was gone again, carried away by his own music. Yes Daniel, I understand the passion. Let it carry you away my young friend. Let it carry you away.

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Lauren C. said...

I'm pretty sure I went to school with him. What a small world.