Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Boys of...ah Winter?

Day 63 - Photo 63. I really liked the idea of this lonely little tree struggling to survive next to the stucco wall. And I remembered a conversation that my friend and coworker Eric Reed and I had today about photography. It was basically about photos like this and how they need that one little thing that sets them apart. Something that'll make it different from being able to go out and shoot it anytime or anywhere. Generally it's people that make the photo more interesting. Well, to me anyway. So as I'm fiddling with my exposure and composition and struggling with the last rays of light of the day, this high school baseball team runs through the frame. Wait a minute. Baseball team? It's Winter and baseball season is months away.

Apparently the governing board for high school athletics in California recently changed the rules about when and how different sports could hold practices. And here was this baseball team running laps around the outside of the soccer field. Baseball has always meant Spring time and it seemed a tad odd to see kids practicing baseball amid trees changing colors, losing their leaves, daylight waning at 4:30 and dropping temperatures.

I promised myself a long time ago I'd be willing to make and accept changes and not be some gray haired aging dinosaur unwilling to roll with the changes. But baseball in the Winter? Well, it was nice to have the players run through my frame. But, if you can't find me I'll be at the La Brea Tar Pits with the rest of the fossils.

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cheryl21 said...

I'll be in the tar pit next to yours - the older one.