Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cutting Expenses

Day 67 - Photo 67...albeit one day late. My children go to a charter school in California. And while it's still a public school the funding is a bit different. Students are often left with a bunch of fund raising for various projects, field trips, sports and school programs. While to some extent that bothers me, I'm amazed at the life lessons it provides the students.
Today my son Domenick, his friend and classmate Jacob Fiske-Phillips, teacher Jon Lord and one of Jon's friends, spent that day cutting firewood. They were raising money for a school program called a Winterim. Now, if you don't live here in California you might wonder where the fiscal advantage is in this line of work. It does get down into the 40's at night. Two months after triple digit weather, the 40's is cold. But, I digress. My point is the amount of initiative taken on behalf of the students to raise money for their own programs.
All told they cut about six or seven truck loads of wood and most of that is already spoken for. I'm proud of those students who work so hard for their own education and equally proud of the teachers who support and encourage them. And while the students may not realize it now, these lessons outside the classroom will serve them well later on in their lives.

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