Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Going to the Dogs

When I was a kid, I loved my red Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star "sneakers." Years later I bought a pair of red Vans. Ultimately I found them mightily uncomfortable, so I gave them to my son Domenick. He loves them.

Today I had an assignment to shoot photos at boutique that carries a line of shoes, socks (this dog, Koko, is wearing a pair) and clothing for dogs.

I'm asking Santa for a pair of red Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star. Maybe I can put a pair of those comfort gels inside them. I can always give them to my son. Life's to short to wear ugly dress shoes. And besides...I think I'd look better then's just not her color.


Anonymous said...

Who dressed her? Red shoes with BURGUNDY sweater??? What WERE they thinking??? Quick, call the fashion police ;-)

Cheryl said...

They just don't make sneakers as comfortable as they used too. I know for a fact it's not our feet aging and changing over time.