Friday, February 27, 2009

Time is on My Side..Yes it is

Friday. Say it again...this time with feeling. Friday! So here I sit looking at the clock. watch, and the computer monitor's clock and the clock on my cell phone, and...

I made this photo during a recent assignment. I was sitting in a high school library waiting for my assignment to begin. What you don't see is the other half of the sign, which states, "Are you? " "Time is Passing. Are you?" And I can't help but I passing?

We're all held to many standards, work, home, socially, etc., etc. Lately those standards, at work, have changed. It's a cliche, but we're all doing more with less. Those of us left behind after lay offs, furloughs, and attrition have more to do. With less. Really! The demand to accomplish 60 hours of work in a 40 hour week, can be daunting. So, I figure time is on my side. Keep working. Keep believing. And every now and then...look at the clock, don't worry about whether I'm passing...but figure...some where in the world, it's five o'clock.

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