Thursday, March 26, 2009

Forever Young

We're only young once. So I've been told. I don't believe it, never have. And a group of teenagers reminded me of that. But, sometimes I forget it...and that's when I feel old. I spent the weekend with 80 teenagers at a church "confirmation" camp for the United Church of Christ. I think the average age was 14. They were at the camp to learn about the church and God. What they really learned was...about themselves. Instead of being exhausting, it was refreshing. The journey of self-discovery was (and is) refreshing.

When does it happen? At what point in our lives do we proclaim, "Hey world! Look here at me. I'm done! I'm a completely evolved human being...mind...body...and Spirit." At what point do we think or believe we have it all figured out? We don't. At least, I haven't. As adults I believe we do an excellent job of assuming the role, the shape and form, of a complete human being. And in the rush to "complete ourselves" through education, profession and religion, sometimes we forget it's about the journey. How can I say this? I can't with any degree of certainty. But, this past weekend I was reminded of what it is like to be a teenager, which in turn reminded of what it's like to be young. In turn, a reminder that I am still, in fact, young.

But, sometimes I forget it...and that's when I feel old. I was nice to be reminded.


Cheryl said...

I read somewhere that you always think of yourself as the age when you felt "finished". It said to look in the mirror and the person there will always look as it was when you were that age. I don't believe that last part, but if I think about it, I am 25 - the age I first felt like a complete person...........many, many, many years ago. My mind still feels it really is that age but my body doesn't always agree.

toni said...

I went to that very camp every year of my childhood. My memories of the teen years there are strong. I had volunteered to go this year, but then the school trip to D.C. conflicted. I'm so sad we missed it.
There's something magical about Pilgrim Pines.
By the way, my mirror is still clocking me at 17.
By the way again, I'm totally in denial.