Monday, March 2, 2009

Read to Me

Today, March 2nd, is the birthday of Theodore Geisel or as most know him...Dr Seuss. Every year for the past 12 years the National Education Association has sponsored Read Across America. The idea? Focusing on motivating children to read and helping them to master the basic skills.

My wife Georgia and I always read to each of our children when they were young. Our youngest is 13 and we will still read to him each night. But I had gotten away from the idea of how joyful it is for children to be read to. Today I shot a photo assignment for the newspaper. I sat in a classroom and watched, listened and made photos as a group of second graders were read to. And I was reminded of how joyful it is for a child to be read to. I've come to believe that because my youngest is now 13 he doesn't really need to be read to anymore. Tonight I read to my son. I was reminded of how valuable that time is to him. Thanks Dr Seuss...this is for you. Happy Birthday!

My son asked me why the big frown?
I told him I felt not the clown
We got in the car
We drove not too far
to a bookstore on the edge of our town
Calvin and Hobbs we did find
Can we read it if you don't mind?
Yes, we'll start it right after nine
And soon we were both feeling just fine

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