Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Damn it Jim! I'm a Photographer not a Priest!

I mean...what the hell do I know? I have health care and fairly decent coverage. But, what if I didn't? What if through no fault of mine own, I lost my job? Or, more accurately, my wife lost hers? We're covered by her employer. We're all pretty healthy and usually visit the doctor for no more than an annual physical. But...what if? We've struck a passionate nerve among America with the current "debate" regarding health care reform.

Yesterday I shot an assignment for the newspaper where religious leaders from a "faith-based community organizations" gathered to urge lawmakers on health care reform. They called for "health care for all." They said that health care is a "basic right." They want "comprehensive legislation." They brought people with them who told "health care horror stories."

When people get up to speak about health care I have to ask myself. "What's in it for them. What do they stand to lose or gain." And when religious leaders get up to speak about health care, I ask myself the same question. But I also know that these are the people who see the best and worst and generally have only the best intentions for people. They stand to make or lose nothing. Only to see that the suffering they witness end.

So, what the hell do I know? I'm a photographer, not a doctor, insurance company, health care provider, politician or religious leader. But, I know suffering when I see it.

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