Thursday, February 18, 2010

Found Money

Ever hear the phrase "found money?" You know the one. It's the $20 bill you find at the bottom of the washing machine, the $5 bill in the parking lot or the $.75 in the vending machine. You immediately realize your score. That immediate wealth. It could mean lunch at your favorite burger joint, a latte at the gourmet coffee shop instead of burnt coffee from the corner gas station. Or even, hey here's a novel thought, save it! Nah, spend it!

Such was the case this morning. Found money. Well, a found photo. After shooting the photo, I spoke with the leader of the group, Marlena Fletcher. That's her in the lead. An actually business, Baby Boot Camp LLC, they're goal is, according to Fletcher. "To get moms healthy while spending time with their babies." And they do this five days a week. Now this is the part where the found money analogy comes to play. Now I'm asking Fletcher different questions:

Normal question - What time do they meet?
Photographer question - Come on photographers...think morning light!
Normal question - Where do they run?
Photographer question - Clean background, front light, side light, back light.

I'm thinking about "saving" the photo. Finding better light, a better background, a better...nah!

I decided to "spend" instead.

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