Monday, April 5, 2010

A Shadow of My Former Self...

A Shadow of My Former Self...or How I Learned to Love iPhone Photography

I purchased my first iPhone about two weeks ago and have eased into using its camera. I was feeling a bit guilty having turned my back on the bag in the corner of my room. The bag weighing in at 30 pounds is crammed with the tools of the trade, e.g., lenses as in more than one, camera bodies as in more than one, flashes, cords, batteries, etc., etc, as in more than...well you get the picture, pun intended.

While I will never give up that full ensemble of equipment, there is something seductive about the simplicity of the iPhone camera. These images were taken with a rather cool application that mimics an old Polaroid. I'm still processing (yes pun intended again) of my changing world. Having been a either a military photographer, photojournalist or photo editor (sometimes all three at the same time) for the past 35 years I try my best not to feel like an endangered species. I try my best to embrace new techniques, tools and technology. I try my best not to be swayed by the hype and hyperbole. I try my best to let my experience sort it all out.

I suppose thinking big picture (couldn't help myself) I'm really talking about the glut of photos on everything, everyone and everywhere. Photos captured on a cell phone camera can be uploaded and transmitted around the world instantaneously. Which photos can we really trust? I keep hearing that newspapers and magazines are dying, hereto photojournalism. Photos taken of a tourist of a news event in the Red Square, intrinsically has no credibility.

As a photojournalist the only tool we have left that has our credibility. Regardless of how or what we're telling the story with, you can trust it. Trust it, even if it's an iPhone camera with cool application that makes the photo look like a Polaroid.

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