Monday, October 18, 2010

Noah's Big Show and Ross's too.

Noah takes a moment before the show's Friday opening to calm his excitement.

Today we're coming down off the high of a great weekend. We attended, worked and supported a fantastic art show during "Art for Heaven's Sake" at our local church. I always feel artistically recharged and ready to go after these events. More on that later...the real highlight of the show, for us, was our youngest son Noah's first public showing of his photography. Though I might add, we were equally excited that Noah shared a booth with his friend Ross Thrasher, who we'd also describe as another one of our children "from the village."
It was wonderful to watch these two young artist's being supported by a community that thrives on creativity. The youngest artists showing at the show, each of them really held their own in their own mediums. As I walked around looking at all of the art being exhibited, including my son Noah's and Ross', I was reminded by something I heard recently.

"I'm happiest and the most fulfilled in my life when I surround myself by creative people and creative things."

I'm certain Noah and Ross got the vibe. I certainly did!
Ross looks over his work in the opening moments of the show.

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