Friday, December 17, 2010

What's Black and White and Rarely Read?


Like armored sentinels, these news boxes are a painful reminder of the suicidal downward spiral of newspapers. The downsizing vortex within the industry not only cleared the newsroom floor of our most valuable resource...people, but also the very essence of what we do. To tell stories. Real stories about real people and how the world around them affects all of us. It's disheartening to watch a once vibrant and creative bastion of journalism reduced to press release mentality.

We have our moments. We still produce brilliant stories, photos and pages. But somethings missing. Maybe the spirit, the vitality of what we do. We'd like to blame someone or something as we stand in a group huddled together turning in circles, pointing our fingers and looking for a likely culprit. And it comes back to us. We're the ones. No one ever said it'd be easy. It's easy to give up, easy to point fingers. But there are still great stories to be told and great people to tell them. There's still a place that will collect those stories and display them in a great way. We can't be tired, We can't give up.

Just like the story of gun collections when they melt down the offending weapons are produce something meaningful from them. Perhaps we should melt down the news boxes.

After'd be a great story.

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