Friday, June 3, 2011

A Walk in the Woods, or at least along the Tarn

Okay, so the title is a shameless rip-off of Bill Byrson's book by the same name. I couldn't help but think of Byrson's whimsical and sometimes painfully honest writings of his trek along the Appalachian Trail as I shot these photos. I spent the weekend in our local mountains, the San Bernardino National Forest, with a group of friends and family. And I have to say here, that as we set out on a hike, I elected to leave my cameras behind. My son, who I like to imagine a budding young photographer, scurried back to camp to grab his cameras. When he returned he was carrying mine. Thank you Son!

I've suggested, sometimes here on this blog, that you should always, always, always carry your camera. As it is, if you leave your gear behind, you'll wish you hadn't. As would have been the case on this day.

Once you become a photographer, professional, semi-professional or hobbyist, you'll spend most of your time looking at the world through a set of imaginary lenses. And then applying that vision to your photography.

So, always, always, always...


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