Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Photo Hat Trick

Surrounded by their belongings, Anthony Ronzo, 56, comforts his wife Deana  Johnson-Ronzo, 42, Wednesday August 24, 2011, after being removed from the home they were living in San Bernardino. The owner of the property claims he had never rented the home to it's current occupants.

Job seekers enter the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 8737 in San Bernadino, Wednesday August 24, 2011. The post was sponsoring a breakfast and job fair for veterans and the community.

Gary Mathews, 40, pauses Thursday August 24, 2011 after looking over his home that was destroyed by a fire that swept through Mathews Ranch in the Devore, Calif., area near Interstate 15.
Fewer photographers. More assignments.

I'd been in a photo slump lately, though that changed recently. Not really due to any initiative on my part.

It's fewer photographers and more assignments.

I can always shoot assignments, but I'd rather stay away from the "good" assignments. Nothing breeds contempt amongst the staff quicker than the photo editor taking "good" assignments. So as it is, I end up shooting a good deal of breaking news because I either have...yes, fewer photographers and more assignments. Or, the staff is just too darn busy or out of position to shoot news. Last week was much the case when I ended up with three front-page photos.

It's always good to get out of the office, even when the temperature is over 100 degrees. Besides, I think I was gaining weight hiding in the office.

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