Friday, October 24, 2008

Get Out the Vote

Day 24 - Photo 24. A statue of slain civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr., appears to stand watch over an Obama rally held by the National Alliance for Human Rights. Election day is drawing nearer and the group is rallying Latinos to help get out the vote.

I could vote now, but I won't. I'll wait until election day. I like election day, it's exciting. There's a certain electricity, an undercurrent of energy, a hope that there will be fundamental shift in America. One we will all feel. A shift that insures a better life for us and for our children.

An election is like Christmas. You just know, laying under the tree, wrapped up in pretty paper and tied together with a shiny ribbon lays the hope of something special. All those presents are fighting for your attention. But, what if you had to open only one? Which one would it be? They all look great. They all promise to be the answer to what you've been asking for. And you pray that who ever put those presents there have been paying attention, paying attention to what you really need.

Come November 4th I'll vote. And I hope there's more then pretty wrapping paper and a shiny bow.

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