Monday, October 13, 2008

The News Never Sleeps

Day 13 - Photo 13. "Sforza! Get your ass in here. San Bernardino's on fire!" I was standing in my kitchen cooking a pot of chili and Louis Amestoy, the paper's Senior Editor calls me. I thought he was joking. But, San Bernardino really was on fire. So I did what we do in this business...interrupt our lives for the news.
Louis is a pretty easy going guy. But, when news strikes he turns intense and easily multi-tasks keeping the newsroom moving, handing out assignments, directing reporters and keeping photographers on the move. Here Louis edits a reader's video who was driving on the freeway when the fire erupted. While cooking that pot of chili I was still trying to figure out what I was going to shoot. So here I am at 9:00 in the evening, looking at Louis edit video and thinking how supremely satisfying it would be to strangle him. But what could be better on Day 13 to post you boss to your blog? Actually despite missing my family, this is always a lot of fun. And if I've re-learned one thing about my love of photojournalism, it is always have your cameras ready.

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Louis Amestoy said...

Here are my favorite Rick photos so far:

5. The one of the kids in the door.
4. The one of you standing in the bathroom.
3. The one of the man looking down
2. The healer
1. Noah. Great stuff.

Keep it up.