Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Color my World...

Day 36 - Photo 36. Music has always been a part of my life. At 10-years-old I received my first radio. Each night I'd lay there in bed and listen to music until my parents told me to turn it off. And even then, sometimes, I'd still listen. I wanted to be able to produce those soulful sounds I'd heard on the radio. So, I learned to play an instrument and I learned how to read music.

At 15-years-old I knew I wanted to be a photographer. I poured through the pages of Life magazine. I was captivated by those moments of other people's lives frozen in time. I wanted to be able to produce those soulful images I'd seen in the magazine. So, I learned how to operate a camera. I learned how to develop film.

Music and photography are a lot a like. Both can move us to change, spark memories and have an effect on our lives we could never have imagined.

My wife and I have always thought it was important that each of our children learn a musical instrument. I asked one of my children, "When you close your eyes and listen to music, what do you see?" "An eruption of color." Came the reply.

Sometimes when people tell me their stories, I see an eruption of color.


PerezImagery said...

"eruptions of color" it

cheryl said...

What a memory this one brought parents kept their bedside radio on all night and I have continued the practice, only now I keep my little radio under my pillow so it won't keep my husband awake.