Saturday, November 15, 2008

Me and my Shadow

Day 46 - Photo 46. Sometimes I think our shadows can be kind of spooky. It's like this dark (no pun intended) alter ego of ourselves. Or maybe mischievous.

I remember as a kid, standing before a wall such as this and performing a kind of...well...shadow dance. Not to be confused with Splash Dance, I just don't look good in leg warmers. I would move and watch the shadow move. I would look for the slightest hint of my shadow making a move on its own. I wondered what the other "me" might be thinking and imagined being in disagreement with myself. I imagined that suddenly the shadow would dance away. I would chase after my shadow knowing I had very little time to find it before the sun went down and the street lights came on. I was suppose to be home before the street lights came on and besides...they never cast very good shadows. Then I would think how I would explain this to my Mom and Dad. "Well, Mom...Dad...ya's the thing. I would've been home sooner except me and my shadow had this argument and it took off and..." Nope. It wasn't going to work. And as I stood there imagination running wild, there was my shadow, staring back at me motionless. And snapping its head toward the street light that'd just hummed to life. I was late.

"Well, Mom...Dad...ya's the thing."

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