Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Photo Lesson ~ Student to Teacher

Day 51 - Photo 51. This is my young friend Maddy Long. Maddy is a friend and classmate of my older son Domenick. Maddy started a daily photo project shortly after I did and I've been watching with interest her day to day progress.

Today we were in the same place at the same time. Me, my wife Georgia, Maddy and my younger son Noah were at the Grove Farm School. Maddy was serving in a mentor type role for Noah who also happens to be friends with Maddy. While we were waiting we noticed a cat that had caught a squirrel and was making a midday snack out of it. Maddy and I immediately began taking photos. As I watched Maddy "chimp" through her photos I thought, "She just kicked my ass!"

I've learned a couple of things during the course of this daily photo blog. One, is to not let the narrow confines of the industry I've worked in define my photographic course. The definition, practice and execution of photography can come from anywhere. The other thing I was reminded of was, the it's the community we've built that allows us to be the photographers we are, it's our common experience and how we share it.

You should really look at Maddy's cat photo. Click right here. Go ahead, she's sharing it. Besides...she just kicked my photographic butt!


Bettina Hansen said...

Great light- and thanks for your comments over on my blog. It's good to know I am posting for someone other than myself.


Rick said...

You're welcome. I know what you mean about feeling like you're posting for yourself. I try to drive as many people here as I can to get comments and see what people like. I get a lot of visits after I post a link on Facebook.

Mona said...

Maddy's got a good eye! I just looked at her cat photo