Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Road Less Traveled

Day 61 - Photo 61. Family Vacation Day 8 of 8. Here we are, at the end of our vacation road. Doing laundry, preparing meals and finishing homework. We got our Christmas tree, unpacked ornaments and strung the lights. Seems like a lot to do on the final vacation day. Tomorrow we return to work, school and our daily lives. And for the last two days I've been trying to hang on to the past week. I guess I've really been trying to hang on to the idea of the last week...not the reality of the last week. We had a wonderful time and built memories that will surely last a lifetime. So the reality of the brought it home with us. And the memories? We brought them home too.

As the light of the day waned I still had not really got it. Got it? The idea that we really brought our vacation home? Yeah, that one. So, I kept looking for a photo that would bring it all together...and I waited...waited for the last moments of the day. I didn't want to forget it. Forget what? We brought the week home with us.

We'll travel this way again. We know the road. We don't need a map. We'll remember the way.

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