Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tripping the Light Fantastic

Day 60 - Photo 60. Family Vacation Day 7 of 8. We drove home today. It's about a four hour drive, straight through. We did it in seven hours. We were all ready to be home but we took our time getting here.

The photo was shot driving through Simi Valley and what I considered, at the time, to be the last vestiges of humanity on the freeways of Southern California. Shortly after this photo was taken, as if proving my point, a girl with purple hair, barely visible over the steering wheel and driving a black Mustang, sped by at 90 miles an hour and shot me a baleful glance. I decided I would continue to drive at 70 miles an hours...five full miles an hour over the speed limit. We were still on vacation and I was determined not to let life in the fast lane suck me under. I always try to hang on to the relaxation, sense of peace and large dose of sanity I'm able to regain during this week.

As we arrive home we'll be greeted by our faithful hound, we'll sleep in our own beds and I will dream of a world where girls with purple hair drive the speed limit, yield to the right of way, smile and pleasantly wave. And I...shall trip the light fantastic.

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