Friday, November 28, 2008

Locks of Love

Day 59 - Photo 59. Family Vacation Day 6 of 8. Yesterday our daughter (daughter 1 of 1 and child 1 of 3) joined us on our Thanksgiving vacation. She arrived by train and my wife picked her up at the station. It was terrific to have all of us together. With our lives it seems to happen less, especially as our children grow older.
When Whitney was a little girl it could, at times, be a challenge to get her out the door in the morning. Her hair was long, wavy, curly and wild. And brushing was painful. It was a slow, tedious and methodical process. Ultimately we (I mean me and Whitney) accomplished the task and it was usually a happy ending. This morning when I walked into the living room my wife, Georgia, was brushing and braiding Whitney's hair. In one single moment I felt the rushing passage of time. It was a reminder that when we have children every day is a precious gift. I understand that there are plenty of us who never forget this. But, in the rush of our daily lives, doctor's appointment, rotating tires on the car and shopping...sometimes we forget about each other. This week and this morning I managed to get a little time back. And remembered why I doing this...this life.

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