Thursday, November 27, 2008


Day 58 - Photo 58. Family Vacation Day 5 of 8. This morning I sat by a larger picture window, a view to a stunning new day. I watched as the first rays of sunlight danced their way across Laguna Lake with Madonna Mountain as their backdrop.
As I sipped from a cup of coffee and contemplated making this photo, I realized how very fortunate I am. I have a terrific family, great friends, I am healthy, as is my family and friends. And in this age of economic turmoil and financial uncertainty, I still have a job unlike a lot of other people.
The Thanksgiving dinner has been served, the plates cleared and cleaned, friends and family have headed to their homes and the rest of us are settling in for the evening. And I am moved beyond words for the incredible gift of life I have been given.
Thank you!

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Mona said...

What the heck are you doing being a photographer?! You should be a writer, Rick!
Seriously, amazing photo and beautiful words!