Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dog Eat Dog

Day 57 - Photo 57. Family Vacation Day 4 of 8. Okay, straight away, this is me in the photo. So, I didn't take today's photo. It's a little trick I learned during my years as a photo tell someone else to take the photo, then you shamelessly grab the credit and all the glory! I'm just kidding. Really! I have one of the best photo staffs I could ever hope for. And it's the staff that I have that gives me the confidence to go away on vacations. Thanks guys!

Domenick, son 1 of 2 and child 2 of 3, made today's photo. I asked him if he would and he gladly obliged as I stuffed my face with this culinary delight. It's Kraut Dog from Frank's Wieners here in SLO and just one more tradition we like to indulge ourselves with as we spend another day being together and having fun.

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