Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stickin with it

Day 56 - Photo 56. Family Vacation Day 3 of 8. We spent the afternoon watching the 3D movie Bolt and throughly enjoying ourselves in downtown San Luis Obispo. There are some "traditions" you should never pass up and one of them for me is a stroll through "Bubble Gun Alley." An alleyway that leads to the main street running through SLO, the alley is covered with chewing gum that people have stuck to the walls and depending on who you talk to...more than 40 years of the stuff. But the alley is merely a prelude to another tradition, just being together. We walk in and out of shops, eat dinner and get a cup of yogurt. And enjoy our time together.
Some traditions are worth sticking with, and this yearly trip is one we'll keep.

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