Monday, November 24, 2008

Staying on the Path

Day 55 - Photo 55. Family Vacation Day 2 of 8. This is the first full day of our yearly Thanksgiving vacation. We're at Don and Terry Green's (Georgia's uncle and aunt) home in San Luis Obispo. We've been making this journey every year for nearly 17 years. And we always look forward to it. This year in particular we were really looking forward to the trip, especially when we were sitting in the auto repair shop's parking lot wonder if we were going to make it.

Today we were clearing a pathway through the reeds to the lake. Don did the lion's share of the work as *Domenick and Noah chased each other up and down the path throwing reeds like spears and knocking each other off the path into the 10-foot high reeds. *Sorry gotta do this...Domenick, son one of two and child two of three, and Noah, son two of two and child three of three. I enjoyed watching my sons have such a great time together. I have a brother, Dan, who's a year younger then I am and I couldn't imagine having grown up without him. Even now I still enjoy my brother's company.

Today I enjoyed watching my son's enjoy each other's company. I know they'll always remember moments like this. I know they'll always be there to support and help each other. It is those pathways we build together as a family that help us succeed throughout our lives. We may stray from the path occasionally. And we when we've strayed we'll always be able to return, because the rest of the family is working on the path, keeping it clear, open and safe to travel.

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