Sunday, November 2, 2008

Still Following the Light Young Padawan

Day 33 - Photo 33. Day light savings. Spring ahead, Fall back. More light or less light? Actually less light and turning our clocks back really has nothing to do with it. As we approach the Winter Solstice, we'll have less light each day. As photographers we always look for the best light. We follow the light. There have been a lot of photographers who've been special to me. Today, I remembered my friend Josh Estey. Josh worked for me "once upon a time" before he set off to explore the world. Josh is now a freelance photographer based out of Indonesia. We still keep in touch, though not as much as I'd like. Years ago, sort of jokingly, I'd signed off my email with "Follow the light young Padawan" in a loose kind of Stars Wars photographers connection. Hey, work with me here! In his next email he signed off with "Still following the light!"

I've followed Josh and his work through the years and he's become a fine documentary photographer. His use of light is among the best. He has a keen sense of natural light. And every time I'm challenged, photographically, by the lack of light I think about the "young Padawan" and find myself inspired to push through the challenge.

So on this day of saving the light, I thought of my friend Josh and want him to know I'm "still following the light young Padawan." In more ways than this..."I'm still following the light."

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