Sunday, November 2, 2008

We've All Been Framed

Day 32 - Photo 32. I did plan on posting Day 32 - Photo 32 on Saturday. Really! I guess you can blame it on age. Not mine, but a really fine bottle of wine. Thank you Dennis! So yesterday became last night, which became this morning and turned into today. Nonetheless, here we are and finding the freedom to change the format into something a little more freewheeling.

I gave myself a physical for a birthday present. But on this day my wife, family and friends threw one heck of a party for me. It came complete with lots of good food, good booze, good people and some really questionable Karaoke. My intention was to take the day off from shooting photos. But, I just couldn't stand the idea of not shooting today or not having photos from the party. So I made one photo. It's posted here to the left. You've already met Noah, son two of two, child three of three. And since he's shown a growing interest in photography, I simply handed him the picture frame and told him I was going to take a photo and he did the rest. I then asked him if he'd do the same the rest of the evening. I found it interesting how people would lose some of their inhibitions about posing for a photo. Granted, it was a party. But there seems to be some measure of comfort for the subject standing behind the frame. And there seems to be a longer "window" of time in which the subject is willing to reveal part of themselves to the camera.

The last photo is of me, my brother Dan, my mom Mike (yup...Mike) and my dad Frank. The frame made no difference. What you see, is who we are. I know that there is nothing my brother would not do for me. My mom gave me an open mind and taught me how to really listen and respect all people. And my dad taught me honor, integrity and that nearly everything in life relates to baseball. These are the people who helped usher into life the man that I am today.

It was a wonderful evening. I can't imagine a better way to start the next 50 years and continue on with 31 Days - 31 Photos!

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Gina Dvorak said...


What a great exercise and visual theme. Makes things much more interesting than simple portraits or snapshots. And I think you're right; it helped erase some of the inhibitions.

Glad your party was such a hit. We should all be so lucky at 50.