Friday, December 12, 2008

Lighting the Way

Day 72 - Photo 72. I was really tired last night, pretty much done in. And as I sat outside of my chiropractor's office I watched David Baer decorate his home. I thought about getting out and shooting a photo. But, I wasn't feeling very motivated. I even started the car and drove froward about six feet. That's when I saw a car pull to the curb in front of me and yell out to David. "We love your home!" They yelled. "Thank you. Thank you very much and Merry Christmas." Oh geez, now I gotta make a photo I thought. I'm glad I did. I spent about half an hour just chatting with David. David, 73, told me about his life. He told me how he and his wife loved to decorate their home of 33 years. But, not just for Christmas but for Halloween too. This year David says they had 7,000 people on their street for Halloween. He told me about how the city actually closed down the street and rerouted traffic. All the homes and businesses in a two or three block area participated. They all decorated and planned activities. This year they had a mock funeral parade down the street, "Complete with a wooden casket and mourners." David said. It gives children and their families a safe environment during Halloween.

As he reached for another of the basketball sized ornaments David told me about the time, a number of years ago, how he had to move with his job. He lived away from his wife for two years because they couldn't afford to move and neither of them could afford to quit their jobs. He's glad to be home now. "I've been working on the house since Saturday. We're kind of busy this time of year. But, we stay with it. I guess we just don't know any better. It's Christmas." Said David as he chuckled. And then he added, "If you like the way it looks now...come back and see us on Christmas Eve!"

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