Friday, December 19, 2008

Shooting from the Hip

First off, this is a photo shot from the hip. Not a new idea, but one I took from the blog of a friend, Andrew Christopherson. Andrew says it's something his grandfather used to do and something Andrew himself did in his blog. Andrew's not a professional photographer, he's a school teacher. I admired his willingness to try different things with his camera and post to his blog. And once again part of the idea of this blog is to attempt or try things I wouldn't normally do. But more importantly look for inspiration in other photographers. Thanks Andrew!

I'm not unhappy with the results. There is a certain satisfaction in allowing my imagination to run wild...again...and imagine that I'm a modern day Wyatt Earp armed with a Nikon instead of a six-shooter. The photojournalist's purist in me looks at the photo and sees a myriad of things I'd like to correct. The bloggist in me sees a vehicle for another story.

Just the other night I was scheduled to fly a local mission aboard the C-17. And as I was boarding the jet, I thought about our men and women serving around the world. I thought about all of them. I thought about the sacrifices they and their families are making. I know there's not much I can do, except think about them, pray for them, and remember them during the holidays. And as I settle in for my family's annual Christmas eve dinner, I'll lift a glass of cheer and say a prayer. A prayer for all of them stretched out across the globe and hope that they all come home soon.

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