Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Will Jump for Camera

After a short and much needed hiatus from blogging I'm back. I began to feel as though my inspiration for shooting and updating was becoming, ah, well, mired...no...maybe murky, yeah murky. Well the murk has settled to the bottom of the pond of my mind (don't ask) and I feel empowered to once again mindfully blog with impunity.

About 25 years ago I shot a series of photos of friends and family jumping. I'd forgotten how much fun it was, both for me and the subjects. I'd also forgotten how jumping tends to lower a person's inhibitions while being photographed. Granted, three of the four people in this photo are kids; from the left, Domenick and Noah my sons, and Nathan far right, my nephew, with the remainder being my brother Dan. And actually it was my brother who started the whole episode. But the really amazing part of the entire photo session was where we did it...in my grandmother's room at a "skilled nursing facility" on Christmas day. The fact that my grandmother's life will never return to what she knew a short few weeks ago has been difficult for her. It's been difficult for our entire family. But, on this day and for a few frames of jumping for the camera, I think it made my grandmother's life better again. I think she may have even giggled.

Maybe it's time to start jumping for the camera again.

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