Thursday, January 15, 2009

Written in Stone

This is Erik Jones or as Erik says, "You can call me Smoke. Or, Smoke Dogg. I got a lot of different names. Call me Smoke." Erik or Smoke works part-time at a small shop called Cali Style. The shop used to be Headstone Records. Yup, like the headstone in a cemetery. Coincidentally, it's just next door to the local head shop.

Erik believes he sees the image of Jesus in the rock that part of the shop's counter. Almost absent minded Erik reaches down and strokes the stone and says, "Onetime someone asked me if I thought Jesus was a Black man. I said, yeah. Jesus walked across the desert...on foot. A White man would have got a donkey or something." He points to the image in the rock and says, "This guy is White." But Smoke still thinks the image is that of the Christ.

I think it looks like Che Guerreo. Or maybe even that little guy on the cover of Zig Zag rolling papers.

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