Monday, January 19, 2009

Yes We Can!

Jonathan Abraham, that's the guy in the middle, delivered a local keynote address during a celebration of Martin Luther King Jr's., life. Jonathan told me today...that tomorrow, "is the perfect storm." And he's right.

Today, hundred's of thousands of Americans spread out across the country in a day of service. They answered President-elect Barack Obama's call. Perhaps we watched it played out in some small way in our own cities, towns and neighborhoods. Individually it may have not seemed note worthy. A group here picking up trash. A group there painting a homeless shelter or another repairing playgrounds. But...collectively...all together...everyone in this nation working toward the common inspiring.

Yesterday as I sat in church and listened to my friend, the Rev. John Walsh deliver his meditation I knew we were on the precipice. The beginning of something wonderful. John spoke about and read from Martin Luther King's last book "Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?" I'm unable to match John's eloquence here, but I really need go no further then the title of the book itself. Right now, when so many of us need, justice. Right now, more then ever is when we need to, must, pull together. In concert, as a community, is the only why we'll make a change.

Can we do it? Will we make it? I think we can.

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