Friday, January 9, 2009

A Pachyderm for Peanuts

White Elephant
A rare, expensive possession that is a financial burden to maintain.
Something of dubious or limited value.
An article, ornament, or household utensil no longer wanted by its owner.
An endeavor or venture that proves to be a conspicuous failure.
A rare whitish or light-gray form of the Asian elephant, often regarded with special veneration in regions of southeast Asia and India.

This is my niece Olivia, 12, holding on to the gift she'd just drew during a round of white elephant gift exchanges on New Year's Eve. There was the usually goings on of the white elephant culture...stealing, swapping and conspiring. But, no one even thought Olivia to steal the elephant. The look on her face when she unwrapped it and the way she preceded to clutch the ceramic one would dare.

And as for me, I got the much coveted Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf II on the third steal.

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