Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Touch of Frost

Right now the temperature outside is 21.6 degrees...Fahrenheit. I'm in Spokane, Washington at Fairchild Air Force Base on a short tour of military duty. More on that later. When I arrived it was doing something between sleeting and snowing. I thought it was all very cool. The taxi driver, Bill, that brought me out to the Air Force base thought I was out of my mind.

"Where you from?" Bill asked. He'd been watching me stare out the window and grinning like a kid on a school field trip.

"Southern California." I replied...somewhat sheepishly realizing this guy made a living driving in this weather.

"Ah huh, thought so. You Californians." He snorted.

"But, I grew up over in Vancouver." I shared, trying to find some common ground.

"Really! Me too! But it rained too much for me over there."

I am starting to lose the point of this conversation.

"So I moved out to Spokane." Bill said, now looking at me differently.

For the rest of the ride we shared stories of growing up in Vancouver, where we went to school and comparing names to see if we knew any of the same people. It was a nice ride and I made Bill laugh when I told him my mom used to make my brother and me scrub the moss off the driveway that had grown on the concrete over the Winter.

"Yeah, it rains a lot there. Damn snow!" Said Bill, looking at me like I'd lost my mind. But, he was smiling.

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