Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Day With Noah

Today Noah, my son, and I hit the streets...cameras in tow. Noah asked. He wanted a kinda of "photo safari". He just wanted to hang out and point our cameras with indiscriminate abandon.

Through the years as a photographer I've shared, taught and mentored other photographers. But I've never had the same investment in them as I do my son. Transversely, it was somewhat different "teaching" Noah photography then anyone else. He wasn't looking for a lesson in f-stops, shutter speeds and lens choices. He doesn't need that kind of photography lesson from me. And really, it was about spending time together. It just so happens he enjoys photography as much as I do. I'm impressed with the way he "sees" as I am with all of my children. Photography just happens to be a little more...well...tangible. Noah embodies something I always try to share, teach and mentor other photographers. It's less about how we make the photo then it is why and when we choose to push the shutter release button. I believe he has a good start.

When we got home he wanted to start his own blog. His first post is the photo you see him shooting here on my blog.

And just for the record, I couldn't help making a photo of him sitting on a bench outside a vintage clothing store sporting a pair of new shoes. Because when life gets you down, most problems can be solved with a pair of groovy shoes and some dark chocolate.

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Connie Brown said...

Noah is one of my heroes.