Monday, February 2, 2009

In Vogue with the Bowling League

Tucked away underneath a 1928 era theatre near downtown Redlands, California is a unique gem. It's filled with great clothing bargains and a pretty cool hang out, well at least for me and my 13-year-old. It goes by the moniker...Hobo's Vintage. The place is irrepressible in it's non-conformist and self-deprecating low key advertising, "...bad thrift art and books about old dead people." Really the bulk of goods sold here are shoes, hats and various articles of clothing...the real cool stuff you used to steal out of your parent's closet.

There's usually jazz or depression era folk music playing. No one's in a hurry. Which in no way detracts from the homey friendlyness. And the store is small enough for a sort of comfortable intimacy rarely found anymore in businesses. 

The smell, (kind of like your grandmother's closet minus the mothballs) low light and feel of the place remind me of an old department store...the kind I used to visit as a kid in downtown Vancouver, Washington. I was sold on my first visit when I bought a pair of fairly new Levi's for $15.00. 

But the real value of the visit was the feeling I walked away with. Kind of a anti-depressant, Quaalude cocktail, without the addiction and legal hassles. And right now I'm thinking I need another pair of Levi's. And maybe a bowling shirt from Goober's Tow Service.

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