Thursday, March 12, 2009

Me Times Three

What do pastel trees, a bald comic authority and and a 10-year-old dressed as a human orange slice have in common with the economy. Nothing really, unless you count me making photos of each. Me, making those photos because the other photographers are on furlough. Well, even that is a bit of a stretch. But, it's true.

It was good to get out of the office today. My first assignment was about a group of fourth graders visiting a nature center of Arbor Day. I could not figure out what the pastels had to do with Arbor Day. It seems as though the kids were drawing trees in the fashion of the noted Canadian artist Emily Carr. In fact it's an actual artist exercise called "Emily Carr's Trees" and gets kids interested not only in art but the environment as well. Cool.

Next up...a university professor who delivered a lecture on comic books. I just thought it was funny that Spiderman was pointing to his head. Sling web and attach hair. And besides, Spiderman has always been my favorite. Mild mannered, yet contradictorily angst ridden newspaper photographer who falls in love with the hot Redhead. Hey...wait a minute...that's me! My spider bite itches.

And finally to round up the day...human fruit. A local school held their annual health fair promoting healthy food and lifestyle alternatives. You know? Good food and exercise? Lots of booths with information, balloons, pencils, activities like push ups, sit ups and always a crowd pleaser...the hula hoop. The real highlight for me was the surreal sight of half dozen kids dressed as various fruits and vegetables mingling with their classmates. The idea was for these "human fruits and veggies" to promote "themselves" to the crowd. The orange slice seemed to get most of the attention while the stalk of corn and watermelon attempted and the hula hoop booth.

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toni said...

I'm sorry, Rick, but I must speak up here.
Wonder Woman could kick Spiderman's butt.
I can out-hula hoop anyone. Somebody challenge me.