Thursday, June 18, 2009

Forever in a Digital Moment

I never throw away an image. Never. Much to my wife's dismay, as I have boxes upon boxes of negatives, slides, floppy disks, Zip drives, CDs and DVDs. I am my own worst editor. I'm usually brutal in the process of selecting images processing through..."No, no, not that one, no, junk, soft, too dark..." Occasionally I will "wander" back through previous shoots and find photos that I'd overlooked and enjoy rediscovering them. And where family is concerned it's more about that moment in time the photo was taken and less about the process of making a photograph.

This is a photo of Domenick, my second child and oldest son. He was the subject of my previous post. What struck me about the photo was how much he's changed in the five months since this photo was made. And what strikes me the most about that is how soon he'll embark on his own life. He begins his next school year as the senior. And from there only time (and probably a lot of our money for college) will tell. But I'll always have this moment with him.

I never throw away an image. I never know where the photo will take me when it's rediscovered.

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