Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to Basics

I suppose one disadvantage of my recent Air Force retirement is the lack of access to the latest and best photo equipment. After shooting with the Nikon D3 and D2x, I've been working with "left overs" from the newspaper's "pool" gear, e.g., the stuff no one else wants to shoot with or only uses if their gear breaks.

My recent postings have been shot with a Nikon D70 that now trumps the "well loved" Nikon D2Hs I also carry. The D2Hs has far exceeded it's shutter attenuation and has an imaging sensor that rarely renders accurate scene tone, color and quality. My lens selection consists of an older 17-35mm and a really old 80-200mm that "groans" while focusing. The lenses work best if the camera is in it's manual setting. Now, having said all that, the good news is I'm in a "back to basics" mode. I'm doing all the "technical" thinking myself. Not that I wasn't before, but given the lack of quality of my current gear compared to before, I'm being more mindful of my equipments "limitations." This is a good thing. Because I've discovered that my limitations are less about the equipment and more about the photographer.

After all, cameras and lenses are only a tool. The photographer is the real artist.

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Cheryl said...

I love the photo of the baskets - I'm a basket freak! It's obvious that all the talent behind the photos is the photographer and not the equipment, O Guru!!