Wednesday, August 25, 2010

He's the Baby, Gotta Love Him!

I was drawn to this image of Noah. I was struck by the motion blur and softness of the image. He too, will soon move on, out on his own.
A trail leading in to the Redwood forest off of California State Route 254, Avenue of the Giants.
The Redwood forest off of Avenue of the Giants contains trees the are hundreds of years old, including one tree that is more than 950 years old.
Last Saturday we made our way home to Southern California after dropping my son off at Humboldt State University. We made a slight detour off U.S. Route 101 on to Avenue of the Giants. And it was well worth the detour.

The Avenue of the Giants is a scenic roadway that runs through the Humboldt Redwoods State Park and an alternative route that parallels the 101. The 55 mile stretch of road has various turnoffs and wide spots in the road for tourists and sightseers to jump out and snap photos. And we took advantage of the photo opportunity. I particularly enjoyed watching my youngest child romp through the Redwood forest happily discovering his photographic vision in nature.

I've been able to share with and relate to each of my three children in different ways. I never imagined that one of them would be interested in photography. It's been a joy sharing photography with my youngest. And as he scurried about the Redwood path I was reminded of and delighted in a phrase a friend would quote after Noah was born, "He's the baby, gotta love him!" And as he's the last child left at home, I'm finding myself appreciating each moment we spend together. Even finding our way down different paths through the Redwood forest we can still share the common language of photography.

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