Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's the Card Stupid, or the Camera, or...Maybe it's Me

I just got 10% smarter than my equipment...marginally smarter. The other day's issue with the card reading full after only a few shots is resolved. I suppose it's not a good thing though. After sharing my misadventure with fellow photographer Al Cuizon, I was theorizing the problem I'd had was the six year old compact flash cards I was using. I told Al each one of the cards only took two to four images, after I'd deleted the images and reformatted the cards. Al told me he'd done the same thing, (reformatting) with the same D70 with a brand new card and now the card no longer works. I put the cards in a D2Hs with the same result. The solution? Throw away the cards, buy new ones and stopping formatting the cards in the D70. It appears there is a "thread" on the internet about this problem and how to reformat the corrupt cards. So here's my solution...throw away the card, buy new ones and stop formatting the cards in the D70.

By the way, today's photo was made with the Epson Perfection 1640SU. And in case you're wondering, the bracelet is called a Survival Bracelet and was made for me by a buddy whose has recently returned from Afghanistan.

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