Monday, September 20, 2010

Nikon D70 Goes to School

I spent this past weekend as a photographic editor and mentor with the San Diego Shoot Off 2010. Shootoff Visual Media Workshops provide not-for-profit educational programs for our military and civil service photographers. It is a wonderful opportunity for photographers to learn, share and network. 

One of the workshop sponsors, Nikon USA, was there with a "boat load" of photo equipment. Including the newest top of the line professional camera body, the Nikon D3s digital SLR camera. It is an amazing tool in the photographer's arsenal of equipment. All of it was available for workshop students and staff to sign out (and return of course) and use, that's not how the above photos were produced. I did wander around shooting with the D3s and it is a fantastic piece of technology, and if I had my way...of course I'd be shooting with the D3s!

Again, with a nod toward getting back to basics, after the workshop I headed up to Little Italy for a bit to eat. And inspired by a weekend of teaching, learning and sharing, I was making the D70 work for me. Once more, it's what we the photographers do with the tools we have, are given, forced or left to work with. And though even with the latest and greatest equipment available to the workshop's students, it's not really the D3s that the captured some of this weekend's greatest photos, it was that talented and passionate photographer behind the tool.

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