Thursday, December 9, 2010

Say ahhhh? Cheese?

Using Noah as a shameless excuse to blog from my iPhone, this really follows along in the same vain as earlier posts and how to stay connected photographically with whatever photographic medium is at hand. 

I suppose one of the most remarkable things I've discovered while shooting with the iPhone is how comfortable people are having their photos taken. It's almost as if they're barely aware of the fact you're taking a photo of them. People have become so desensitized with cell phone cameras that they rarely, if ever object. Nor do they even inquire as to the purpose of the photo. Granted these dental hygienists made the assumption that "Dad" merely wanted a memorable photo of his son being examined during a routine post operative appointment, but one of them even remarked about "Facebooking" the event. I'm quite certain the reaction would have been very different had I walked into the office carrying my "Full Battle Rattle" of photojournalist's gear. This is not a novel idea or approach to reaching our subjects but certainly adds room for more thought and conversation in our growing world of social media.

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Can I have my push pins back?