Monday, January 10, 2011

I Witness

The way we interact, the way we see and view the world has changing. With each new generation of cell phone, smart phone or tablet. And the dizzying array of photography applications alone can be overwhelming. Professional photographers Damon Winter, David Hume Kennerly, Todd Heisler, Teru Kuwayama, and many others have all stepped into the "new medium" and it's exciting to watch the application (pun intended) play itself out.

The immediacy of "cellphoneography" and it's "publishing" or posting to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc., etc., is only in direct proportion to the users ability to navigate the steps.

When we were shooting film at newspapers, I could look at several rolls of film laying on a light table and at a glance determine who shot what. Every photographer has their own unique style and it shows in their work.

How will our own unique styles emerge as the "medium" improves? How will we witness the change? And more importantly what changes will we witness with our cellphones?