Friday, September 23, 2011

Live to Eat, Eat to Live

Pumpkin and Pinto Bean Chili
French toast with fresh strawberries and goat cheese scrambled eggs.
One of the things I enjoy about being a photojournalist, is you have to be a photographic "jack of all trades."

You would think the standard fare of the working photojournalist is news and sports. And while these are the assignments most of us enjoy, we're often challenged with a wide range of photographic disciplines.

During my time as a photojournalist I've shot fashion, studio, medical, wildlife/nature and of course food photography. As a photo editor it's important to recognize which particular discipline your photographers are good at. But, I'd like to think that each of us enjoys a challenge with something we're not particular well versed in.

Food happens to be my challenge and each of these shoots presented their own set of obstacles. The chili photo was made in the studio on rather short notice. So, I stayed with the basics. A softbox off to the upper right, black background and another light with a red gel "raked" across the back drop. The advantage here happened to be our "gear locker" in the studio that has accumulated a life time a props. The french toast was shot at the food writer's home. There was very little room to set lights, so I used a single flash on a chord off to the left with a reflect from the lower right. The light at the top of the photo is from a sliding glass patio door.

And the plating? Thank God I've been watching Top Chef.

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