Friday, September 16, 2011

Budget Meeting? Breaking News? Or Cold Beer?

Trish Calcott, 43, left and Ron Robb, 53, the parents of Joshua Robb, 8, react after receiving word their son had been found Tuesday September 13, 2011. The autistic 8-year-old went missing from the playground of his mountain community school in Twin Peaks Monday September 12, 2011.

Federal agents carry a computer and boxes from the Highland home of Jim Erwin, the former assistant county assessor, after serving a search warrant Thursday September 15, 2011. Search warrants were also served at the homes and offices of other defendants or suspects in a sweeping San Bernardino County corruption scandal.

A San Bernardino police officer jumps from a pursuit suspect's  burning car Friday September 16, 2011 after moving the vehicle away from gas pumps. The pursuit, that started in Redlands, ended at a gas station at the corner of University and Hallmark Parkways in San Bernardino.

Just when I start to think I've had all of this business I can stand...I have a day, or in this case, a week like this week.

Not sure how many meetings I missed but when weighed against....hmm, say....shall I go to another meeting or should I grab my gear and hit the street? I think hitting the street wins every time.

Whew here it is 6:00 Friday night and time for a cold one! Maybe I'll ran across news on my way home. Breaking news or a beer? The beer will still be cold!

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